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The following table lists the available methods for the ScriptCustomTableManager object:

Return TypeMethodExplanation
IntegerexecuteQuery(String query)Returns the number of rows for the selected query
MapfindFirst(String query)Returns the first entry that matches the query
ListfindAll(String query)Returns all rows that match the query
ListfindAll(String query, Integer pageSize, Integer pageNumber)Returns all rows that match the query 
StringinsertEntry(String customTableSystemId, Map entry)Returns true if the entry was successfully inserted
BooleaninsertBulk(String customTableSystemId, List listOfEntries)Returns true if multiple entries were successfully inserted
BooleandeleteEntry(String customTableSystemId, String query)Returns true if the entries defined in the query were deleted from the custom table
BooleanupdateBulk(String customTableSystemId, List listOfEntries) Returns true if the method successfully updated multiple entries from the list
BooleanupdateEntry(String customTableSystemId, Map entry) Returns true if the method successfully updated the entry