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The following table lists the available methods for the ScriptFormTab object:

Return TypeMethodExplanation
String getSystemID()Returns the tab's system ID 
Integer getPosition()
Returns the position of the tab within the tab controller, starting from 0 
Void getLabel()
Returns the tab title 
Void activate()
Activates, or opens tab
Voidenable() Enables the tab
Void disable()
Disables the tab 
Void hide()
Hides the tab in the tab controller 
Voidshow() Shows the tab in the tab controller
Voidvalidate() Validates the field on the tab
Returns true if the tab is active; otherwise returns false
BooleanisEnabled() Returns true if the tab is enabled; otherwise returns false
BooleanisHidden() Returns true if the tab is hidden; otherwise returns false
VoidsetBackground(String backgroundColor)
Sets tab background color 
VoidsetColor(String color) Sets the tab color
VoidsetLabel(String title)Sets the tab label
VoidsetLabelBackground(String backgroundColor) Sets the tab label's background color
VoidsetLabelColor(String color) Sets the tab label's color