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The following table lists the available methods for the ScriptFormTabController object. For the methods that include (Object tabIdentifier), the tab identifier is the tab system ID or position, starting from 0.

Return TypeMethodExplanation
Void activateTab(Object tabIdentifier)Activates the tab 
Voidbackward()Opens the previous tab from the current
VoiddisableTab(Object tabIdentifier)Disables the tab
VoidenableTab(Object tabIdentifier)Enables the tab 
Voidforward()Opens the next tab from the current
String getSystemID()Returns the tab's system ID
ScriptFormTabgetTab(String tabIdentifier)Returns the Script Tab object identified by the system ID
ScriptFormTabgetActiveTab()Returns the tab that is currently open in the Tab Container
Voidhide()Hides the tab 
Void hideTab(Object tabIdentifier)Hides the tab 
VoidsetTabLabel(Object tabIdentifier, String label)Sets label for tab
Void show()Shows the tab 
VoidshowTab(Object tabIdentifier) Shows the tab