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The following table lists the available methods for the ScriptProject object:

Return TypeMethodExplanation
ScriptCustomField getCustomField(String customFieldSystemID)Returns the custom field
ScriptUser getRole(String systemRoleID)Returns the role of a user in the project
String getName()Returns the name of the project
String getSystemId()Returns the system ID of the project
Object getCustomFieldValue(String customFieldSystemID)Returns the value of the custom field
Boolean isCustomFieldSelectedAny(String customFieldSystemID, Object)Returns true if the selected predefined value in the custom field is the value
Boolean isCustomFieldSelectedAll(String customFieldSystemID, Object)Returns true if one of the selected predefined values in the custom field is the value
Void setCustomField(ScriptCustomField customField)Sets the custom field
ScriptCustomField setCustomField(String customFieldSystemID, Object)
Sets the custom field