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Settings for Default Actions

Workflow enables you to define different action properties, for each action type, in each workflow. You can configure an action to use default settings, or custom settings that are specific to only that application of the action in the workflow. The default settings you configure apply to all action types used in workflows that are configured with Use Default Settings.

We denote a default action with an asterisk in the Workflow Transition Matrix.

To access settings for default actions:

  • Go to Setup > Processes > Workflows and click Edit. Select the Settings for Default Actions tab and then select Edit from the Operations button on the action you wish to update.

  • When you edit an action, you can choose the Use Default Settings option and then select the Edit default action settings link.

There is one primary difference between editing an action with custom settings, and one with default settings. When you edit an action using the:

Workflow displays an Add to Statuses field in the Basic Settings section of a workflow action where you can select one or more statuses to which you can add the action. Upon save, the action will be added to the selected statuses on the main diagonal of the Workflow Transition Matrix, with the default settings you configure in this workspace.

Workflow enables you to perform these actions from the Operations menu next to the list of default actions: 

  • Edit: Enables you to edit the default action settings.
  • Form Designer: Opens the Form Designer. See Form Designer for more information.

You can configure all settings except for the Approve Rules and Reminder Rules settings on the following actions: 

You can configure all settings except for the Assignment Rules, Approve Rules and Reminder Rules settings on the following actions: 

You can configure all settings except for Reminder Rules, and permission settings in the Basic Settings section, on the following actions:

You can only configure Basic Settings, Post Actions, Events, and Style and Position settings for the following actions:

You can configure all settings for the Reminder Action except the following: 

You can only configure Style and Position settings on the Add User to Team action.