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Share Case

Use this action to enable users to share case details with other users or contacts who may have an interest in the case. This person does not need to be a registered user.

When executed, we display a Share Case window with these required fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Message

When the user submits the action, Workflow sends a notification to the specified person and adds them as a contact if they are not already in the application. For this example, we'll assume this is a new contact.

See Email Templates for more information on modifying the email the contact receives.

The new contact can then access the case using the link in the email notification and will only be able to view details and perform actions based on settings you configure. Anyone with this link will be able to view the same case details. The Contact and Public Access role determine permissions for these contacts.

Important: You must update these options in User Settings in order for this feature to function properly:
     -  User can have duplicate emails: Disable
     -  User must have an email address: Enable

We do not allow you to configure the Form Designer for this action.

Workflow enables you to customize these specific settings for this action type: