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Static Lists

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Lists are static lists that are comprised of a group of specific cases you add. The results of these lists do not change unless you explicitly update the list.

Add Cases to Static List

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To add cases to a static list:

  1. Open the New Search tab from either the Find Cases option or the Lists option on the main menu.

  2. Perform a search of cases to locate your desired case.

  3. Select the Add Cases to List link from the toolbar.

  4. Select the name of the list to which you want to add a case, or search for the list if it doesn't appear.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Add a checkmark next to the cases you want to add to the list. You can click the Select All link to select all cases, and you can click the Clear All link to unselect all cases.

  7. Click Finish to update your list.

You can also add a case to a static list when your administrator configures your Case Details workspace with the List Information option. When configured, Workflow displays these links when you view the case:

Add Case to Existing List

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To add the case to an existing list:

  1. Click the Add to List link from a case panel to add the case to an existing list.
  2. Workflow displays a list of existing lists. Select the Add icon on the list to which you want to add the case.

    Workflow now displays the list that the case belongs to:

Add Case to New List

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To add the case to a new static list:

  1. Click the Add to New List link to create a new list on which you can add a case.

Workflow opens a window that enables you to create the new list.

  1. Keep the List option enabled to add this case to a static list.

  2. Name the new static list.

  3. Provide an optional brief description.

  4. Select from these options for who will have access to the list:

    • All users

    • Only Users from your Company

    • Only you

  5. Enable the Featured List option to display this list at the top of the table of all lists.

  6. Click Next to continue. Workflow will display your new list with the case details.

Remove Case from List

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To remove the case from a list, click the Delete icon next to the desired list.