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System ID

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A system ID is a unique identifier that is automatically generated when you name a new object. This identifier can be used to reference the object in templates, tags, scripts, or through the API. Use caution when changing the ID on existing objects, as it can affect existing references to the object.

You can use the system ID lookup tools to find the system ID for an object, or you can find an object based on the system ID.

The following reference tools with expandable sections contain information you can use in your scripts. To access the reference tools, go to Setup > Development > Scripts and open a script file. Workflow displays the reference tools on the right side of the Script Editor workspace:

See Scripts and Script Editor for more information about scripting. 

Find System ID

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To find the system ID for an object:

  1. Click the Find System ID link to expand the list of objects.

  2. Search for the value under the desired object.

Workflow will display the object name and its associated system ID below the list of objects. When multiple values are available for the selected object, the system ID for each value is shown.

Look Up System ID

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To find an object name using the System ID:

  1. Click the Look up System ID link to expand the form.

  2. Select a value for Entity, and enter the System ID value.

  3. Click Look Up and Workflow will display the results for the system ID and name.