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Table Controllers

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A table controller is a type of custom field that enables users to perform actions on a set of data and displays that data in table form. Table controllers can display data sets from various sources, including:

  • List of Workflow cases
  • Custom table data
  • Commissions database
  • Data map type created within a script

You use scripts to load and update data in a table controller.

You can perform actions on a table controllers in the following ways:

  • Populate the table controller with data using a Source script or an On Prepare script. For more information, see Working with Table Controllers.

  • Populate the table controller source from a Form Event script by assigning the data set with the setSource method on the table controller object.

  • Update table controller data by assigning scripts to workflow actions. For code examples, see Table Controller Code Examples.   

You can also control the column visibility and access rights using the Form Designer. For more information, see Customize Table Controller.

Table controllers support:

  • CSS styles in columns
  • Data validation in columns
  • Different data and style types
  • HTML content within cells
  • Pagination for the entire table controller
  • Searching and sorting of table data
  • Control over column visibility and access rights

For more information about these features, see Customize Table Controller.

Note: To perform actions on custom tables without using scripts, you can use a Custom Table Controller instead of a table controller.