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Use the Menu Settings workspace to add and remove navigation bar menu items, and to set visibility permissions for those items.

Important: When you configure menu items, you are controlling whether the navigation bar displays the items, you are not limiting access to the functionality.          

The navigation bar displays the standard menu items by default. While you cannot delete these menu items, you can specify their visibility settings for system roles and permission groups. For more information, see Standard Menu Item Visibility

Note: The ability to create a new case is controlled by permissions on the Case Create action. When available, this item appears in the header of the User Home page as a + icon.  

You can re-order menu items and add custom ones, as well as:

  • Control which system roles and permission groups can see each menu item

  • Group menu items

  • Translate menu items

Important: When a user logs into Workflow using SAP Portal or any other iFrame portal, the Users menu item is called User tools, and the Log off menu item is not available.  

To configure menu settings:

  • Go to Setup > Administration > Menu Settings

Manage Menu Items

The menu items will appear on the navigation bar in the same order as in the Menu Items list. To change the order in which menu items appear, drag and drop the item to the desired location in the list.  

Click the  button to do the any of the following:

  • Edit: Edit the object properties.

  • Details: See the record creation and update details.
  • Translate: Select a dictionary and enter a translation value. For more information, see Translations.
  • Delete: Delete a custom menu item. To delete a custom menu item with child items, you must first delete the child items.
  • Revert to Default Sort: Applies only to the New Case menu item. Reset the child items to the default alphabetical order. 

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