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UI Settings

Use the UI Settings workspace to customize the user interface settings for your tenant.  When you update a setting, we immediately apply the change when you click Save, with the following exceptions: 

  • Hide Header: We apply the settings after you exit setup.
  • Use Custom Login Page: We apply the settings the next time you log in.

To access the UI Settings workspace:

  • Go to Setup > System Settings > UI Settings

You can customize the following UI settings: 

LogoUpload a logo that you can use to display above the top menu items.

File Size: Less than 50KB

Maximum Image Width: 450px

Maximum Image Height: 70px

Smaller Logo
Upload an image file that you can use to display a header logo in emails.

Maximum Image Width: 200px 

Maximum Image Height: 50px

Upload an icon file that you can use to display as a shortcut icon in a browser's address bar, for browsers that support them. Browsers that provide favicon support typically display the favicon for a page in the browser's address bar and next to the page title on the tab. Browsers that support a tabbed document interface typically show a favicon for a page next to the page title on the tab.

File Size: Less than 2KB

File Type: Must use ICO file types

CSS File

Upload a cascading style sheet (CSS) that you can use with any element in the application. When you implement a custom CSS file, we automatically refresh the cache and immediately apply the changes to the user interface.

To find Workflow element names, we recommend using the Inspect Elements feature in the developer tools for your browser.

Caution: Changes to the interface using CSS rules are not officially supported and future release updates can break your CSS changes.
Header Background ColorEnter a color by name such as red, or use a hex color code such as: #c02902 for red.

Header Accent Color

Changes the color of the following:

  • Quick Search
  • New Case icon
  • Help link icon
  • User Profile icon

When you use a lighter color for the Header Background Color, we recommend setting a darker color for the Header Accent Color.

Hide LogoSelect Yes or No to hide or display your company's logo above the top menu items.

Hide HeaderSelect Yes or No to hide or display the header and top menu items for admins and end users. Enable this option to hide the header when you access Workflow through an iframe, such as through the Commissions Portal.
Use Custom Login PageTo use this feature, you must select the Yes option and upload a CSS file. The custom login page will use the classes from the CSS file and you will use this URL syntax to access the custom login page: /wpm/mt/tenant_name/login.

Display Case BreadcrumbsSelect the way case breadcrumbs are displayed, either Project and Case Key, or Case Key Only. Select Case Key Only if you are using only one project.