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User Settings

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Use the User Settings workspace to manage default user preferences and to allow users to self-register an account. You can override the default settings for individual users. For more information see Create User and Edit User

When you make changes to user settings, the changes apply only to new users. You can change them for individual existing users on the Edit User page. 

To access user settings:

  • Go to Setup > System Settings > User Settings.

User Settings Tab

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Use this tab to select the default date and time formats, and timezone. 

Additional User settings provide the following options:

  • User must have an email address: Select this checkbox to require all users to have an email address.
  • Several Users can share one email address: Select this checkbox to allow users to share one email address.
  • Set dictionary using user browser language settings on login: Select this option to set the dictionary to the user's browser language settings.
  • Forbid user to change date and time settings: Select this option to hide these settings in the Preferences tab.

Public Sign Up

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You can allow people to self-register a user account. To do this, you generate a link to the account creation form, then add that link to your emails or web site. When a user creates an account using the link, it will be created in the department and user type you specify. 

  1. Go to Setup > System Settings > User Settings and select the Public Sign Up tab.

  2. Choose a department and user type for the account.

  3. Select the Generate Public Sign Up link.

  4. Copy the generated URL and paste it into an email or web site.