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Using Rich Text Formatting

Quick Links

The formatting toolbar enables you to apply formatting as you would with most modern text editors. Simply highlight the text you wish to format, then select the icon on the toolbar to apply the desired formatting.

Fomatting Examples:


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Use the Hyperlink icon to add a hyperlink to your rich text content, and configure how the link will behave.

Add Hyperlink

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To add a hyperlink:

  1. Highlight some text that you wish to make a hyperlink.

  2. Click the Hyperlink icon on the toolbar. A popup window appears:

  1. Enter, or copy and paste your URL in the URL field.

  2. Workflow automatically populates the protocol when you paste your link. Select a new protocol from the Protocol list if necessary.

  3. Select the Target tab to define how your URL will open.

  4. Select a desired target where you want the link to open.

  5. Click OK to add the link.

Edit Hyperlink

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To edit a hyperlink, double-click the link and apply your edits.

Remove Hyperlink

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To remove a hyperlink:

  1. You can delete the text that has the link configured, or

  2. You can place your cursor anywhere in the text that has an associated hyperlink, then

  3. Click the    Unlink button on the toolbar.


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Workflow enables you to add images to your rich text content and allows you to configure how the image will appear in a frame.

To format an image:

  1. Click the Image icon. Workflow displays this popup window where you can configure the image properties:

  1. Provide a URL for the image location. Workflow will display a preview of the image in the Preview window.

  2. Add alternative text that will display when a user restricts the display of images in their browser settings.

  3. Configure these settings in pixels for how the image will appear:

    • Width: Image width

    • Height: Image height

    • Border: Image border

    • HSpace: Horizontal space between the frame and the image

    • VSpace: Vertical space between the frame and the image

    • Alignment: Left or right alignment of the image within the frame

  4. Click theLock icon to automatically adjust the height and width ratios.

  5. Click theReset Size icon to reset the image to the original size.

Workflow updates the preview window as you configure the settings. Your configuration window may look something like this:

  1. Click OK to save your settings.

The following is the result of the configuration: