View and Compare Versions of Scripts

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Viewing Scripts

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Workflow enables you to open multiple scripts at a time and displays those scripts in tabs at the top of the workspace. When you have more than five scripts open, we display an Overflow icon to the right of the open tabs. Click the icon to display other open scripts.


You can also perform these actions by right clicking on an open script tab:

  • Close: Closes the current script.

  • Close Others: Closes all other scripts.

  • Close All: Closes all scripts.

View and Compare Versions of Scripts

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Workflow saves the details of all script versions and enables you to review and compare different versions. After you edit and save changes to your script, Workflow logs the change history in the History tab with these details:

  • Version number

  • Date and time the change was made

  • Changes made

  • Author who made the changes

When you click on a change result, Workflow displays the change version you selected in the right panel and its previous version in the left panel.

We use these conventions to denote changes:

  • Changed code: Highlighted in yellow

  • Deleted code: Underlined in red

  • Added code: Underlined in green

We also provide these tools in the version comparison window:

Icon  Description 
  Closes the window 
Reverts the highlighted chunk of code to the selected version. Changes are saved automatically 
Locked scrollbar enables you to scroll both panels at the same time 
Unlocked scrollbar enables you to scroll panels individually

When you right-click on a change result, Workflow enables you to perform these actions:

  • Compare With Current: Workflow displays the current version in the left panel and underlines the new code in green. We display the version you selected in the right panel and underline code that was deleted in red.

  • Compare With Previous: Workflow displays the version you selected in the right panel and its previous version on the left. We underline new code in red and color the row in yellow.  

Note: When you revert a version to a previous version, Workflow doesn't create a new version history for the change.