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View Case

By default, Workflow automatically adds this action as a non-transitional action on all workflow statuses, and applies default configuration settings. You can deselect the action when you create a new status, and can add other actions. You can later remove actions, or modify the action settings.

The purpose of the View Case action is to enable you to configure the way the Case Details page displays to end users. Use Form Designer to modify the page layout with custom fields, forms, columns, and panels.

You can add multiple View Case actions to the same status as individual actions can have different permissions and different layouts. This enables you to display different Case Details page layouts to different users.

Note: If a user does not have permissions to execute any of the View Case actions in the current case status, we display the view case layout defined in the Default Action Settings.

When you enable the Action Can Be Used As Custom View action in Advanced Settings on any of the following actions, you can replace the View Case action with the action’s form. This allows you to customize the view for this action and enable users to edit fields you configure in the Form Designer.

Actions you can replace with the View Case action:

See Form Designer for more information on configuring layouts.

Workflow enables you to customize these specific settings for this action type: