Quick Start Guide ยป What is Workflow?


What is Workflow?

Workflow is a web-based application designed for managing and automating your unique business processes. Workflow enables you to organize, execute, and analyze business processes to connect people, data, and daily activities. We provide the tools for you to configure and customize your business processes, based on your specific business needs.

There are three primary roles within the Workflow application:

  • Administrators have the ability to create users, set permissions, and customize Workflow.
  • Users can create and perform actions on cases, such as to change its status from opened to closed.
  • Guests are external users who do not log into Workflow, but can create and view their own cases from a form or widget embedded on your website.

Note: SAP Workflow is available to SAP Commissions customers as an optional add-on. SAP Workflow for Commissions must be enabled and configured prior to use. Please contact your administrator to enable Workflow in your environment.