Workflow Action Types

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Actions are operations that users perform on a case. For example, an action can re-assign a case or move it to the Closed status. Administrators specify which actions are available for each status in a workflow, configure the actions, and specify which users have permissions to execute actions.

For information about adding an action to a status, see Add New Action.

Transitional actions move the case to another status, and non-transitional actions do not change the status. You can set any action except View Case and Add User to Team as either transitional or non-transitional. The View Case and Add User to Team actions are always non-transitional.The Workflow Transition Matrix shows which actions are transitional and which are not.     

When configuring most actions, you can define either default or  custom settings. Default settings apply to all actions of the same type in the workflow. Custom settings apply only to the specific action you are configuring. The Case Create and Merge Case actions support only custom settings. For more information about configuring action settings, see Workflow Action Settings

In addition to configuring action settings, you can specify Post Actions and Scripts for all actions. Post actions are executed after the specified conditions are met. Post actions and scripts can execute other actions or scripts. 

You can also configure Assignment Rules to route the case to a specified assignee, and Notifications to notify recipients after the action executes.

Important: You must give users proper permissions to view and perform an action. For information about assigning permissions to an action, see Basic Settings. For information about permission groups, see Permission Groups.  

Available Action Types

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The following table shows a list and brief descriptions of available action types. Click the links for additional details about each action type:


Action Name


Add Comment

Enables users to add a comment.


Add User to Team

Enables users to add a user to the case team.


Enables users to approve the case.


Enables users to assign the case to another user.

Attach File

Enables users to attach a file to the case.

Case Create Action

This action is executed when a new case is created by a user, by a script, or through the API.

Change Project

Enables to assign the case to a different project.

Change Status

Enables users to change the status of a case.

Change Workflow

Enables users to change the workflow.


Closes the case.

Copy Case

Enables users to copy the case into a new case.

Custom Multi User Action

Enables you to configure custom multi-user actions.

Delete Attachment

Enables users to delete an attachment.

Delete Case

Enables users to delete a case.

Delete Comment

Enables users to delete a comment.

Edit Case

Enables users to edit the case.

Edit Fields

Enables users to edit custom fields related to the case.

Merge Cases

Merges two cases.

Multi User Approval

Enables you to configure multi-user approvals.

Print Document

Enables users to print documents.

Reject Action

Enables users to reject a case action.


Reminder Action

Enables users to configure reminder notifications on a case.


Reopens a closed case.

Script Action

Enables you to create an action that executes with a script.

Send Message

Enables users to send email messages.

Share Case

Enables users to share a case with an existing user or a contact.

View Case

Enables you to set the layout of the Case Details page where we display all the information related to the case.