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Workflow Actions

Administrators configure which actions apply to different workflows, and in which status they display. These actions are fully customizable so your administrator may change the name on any given action item. They may also change certain behaviors on actions based on the different workflow status it is in.

You will only be able to view and perform actions that the administrator gives you permissions for. When you hover over an action icon, Workflow displays a tooltip that shows which status the case will change to.

As you work, Workflow auto-saves your changes to a draft every five seconds, leaving the original form unchanged. In addition to content changes, all changes to the form, such as making fields hidden, shown, or required, are saved in the draft. You will be able to resume your work on the draft at any time after you close the form or log out. When finished with your changes, submit the form to update the original and discard the draft. To discard your changes to the draft, click Editing Draft Data at the bottom of the page and select Discard changes

The table below displays list of standard action types, icons, and names that will display unless your administrator changes the name or icon.

Click an action link for detailed information about the action:

IconAction NameThis action enables you to:
Add CommentAdd a comment.
 Add New File RevisionAdd a new revision to a file attachment.
 team_member.PNGAdd User to TeamAdd a user to the case team.
 ApproveApprove the case action.
AssignAssign the case to another user.
Attach FileAttach a file to the case.
Change Project Assign the case to a different project.
 Change Status Change the status of a case.
 Change WorkflowChange the workflow.
 CloseClose a case.
 Copy CaseCopy the case into a new case.
deleteatt.PNGDelete AttachmentDelete an attachment. When this action is enabled, Workflow displays this Delete icon next to attachments.
 Delete CaseDelete a case.
 Delete CommentDelete a comment.
Edit CaseEdit specific case details as configured by your administrator.
 Edit CommentEdit a comment you posted.
 Edit FieldsEdit custom fields related to the case.
Custom Multi User ActionApprove a case among multiple other approvers. This action behaves the same as the Multi User Approval action, but this action enables the administrator to configure custom terms that will display in the Progress Indicator panel, and it the Activity description on feeds.
Merge CasesMerge two cases. When you merge a case with another, it will no longer appear in the list of cases on the Home page. Workflow displays the merged case instead. Also, if you have populated custom fields in both cases, you will be able to choose the data from the case you want.
 Multi User ApprovalApprove an action among multiple other approvers. 
Print DocumentSelect from a list of available documents, and download or print those documents. 
Reject ActionReject a case action.
ReopenReopen a case. Note: The case needs to be in Closed status before the Reopen action will display in the action panel.
  Replace File RevisionReplace a file attachment with a new version.
Send MessageSend email messages from the case. 
Share CaseShare a case with an existing user or a contact. When you use this action, you need to populate the First Name, Last Name, Email and Message fields. If the user does not exist in Workflow, we automatically create a contact.